oxycontin beans sure

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16 Answers - Posted in: ms contin, oxycontin - Answer: 20mg of Oxycontin is more . This isn't really a technical answer but my point here is make sure your meds .
Op price street oxycontin. Dec 9, 2010 new oxycodone pills op . ChaosLover wrote: Not sure about CA price but up here . Just curious to see what these garbage beans are going .
Best Answer: We need the context to know for sure. There are many slang meanings for "bean," including oxycontin, $100, ecstasy, and a certain body part .
bean, green bean, oxy, oxycotton, 80's, 40's
. Warn of Increasing Illegal Abuse of OxyContin in . bars, or Zannies; Percocet - Perks; OxyContin - OC, Ox, 80's, or Beans. . To this day, "Jay" is not really sure what .
Oxycodone is a real drug. Jelly Beans can be artificially flavored, meaning it is not naturaly . TR>Vicodin5 mg. Make sure you .
More OxyContin, Roxicodone, Oxycodone News from Topix � See news from Newspaper oxycontin beans sure Archives � . Get down to the tin tacks of personal money and spending and make sure you're .
I'm from Seattle, and everyone around here calls Oxycontin "beans", regardless of what mg . not sure why biut Thangs anoys the hell out of me or maybe its oxycontin beans sure just the guys .
Hi, a few years ago I was using OxyContin for severe pain, and it helped me more than . OF whch I am 99.9 percent sure you are one based on the utter transparancy of your .
OxyContin (soon to be known as . our blog entry about OxyContin recovery stories. Be sure to . to the 80 mg tablet), Beans, Rushbo, and Hillbilly
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