Dating zildjian

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Although Central Asia Minor (Anatolia) has a long history of cymbal making dating back to . In appreciation, the Sultan gives Avedis 80 gold pieces and the family name 'Zildjian .
Three vintage Zildjian crash cymbals 14" and 16" crashes, and 19" Crash/Ride Cymbal with ten rivets. All dating back to around the 60s/70s era.
Please help with dating this Zildjian Cymbal Vintage Cymbals
Today I walked into kind of a dive of a music shop. Lone and behold I found some N.O.S. Zildjian New Beats, and a N.O.S. 20" A. Medium ride. I say New Old Stock because the .
I need help dating an old Zildjian cymbal K Zildjian & Co Istanbul Made in Turkey 1135g 8 rivet holes 45cm (17.6") diameter
I recently bought a '70's kit that came with some cymbals, and I'm trying to determine if they're all about from the 70's or othe.
Here are some pictures of A.Zildjian cymbal trademarks as found on older cymbals I have owned. The comments and dating are based on what I've learned from William Hartrick's .
I have a Zildjian K Custom 20" ride. The stamp says "K. Zildjian & Co" "Genuine Turkish Cymbals" "Made in USA" I've had it for a while an the guy I got it from said it was "old."
The Collective and Zildjian have had a long lasting and strong relationship dating back to 1977 when Drummers Collective was first started on 42nd

Dating zildjian

Zildjian Revisits Their Roots . 19" Limited Edition Armand Zildjian Signature Ride . gate are an incredible repository of historical instruments: vintage cymbals dating from .
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I picked these up on eBay recently. I have a '60's or 70's heavy 15" A that would be a great hi hat bottom with the Dating zildjian right top. I picked these up hoping to match one to make a .
Dating Zildjian Cymbals Cymbals . I've seen some info on the net as to how to date older cymbals by the stamp and other features.
Zildjian is an iconic cymbal brand and is one of the oldest continuously operating companies in the world, dating back to 1618. . How to Rate Guitar Amplifiers
hello mike. ..question about dating cymbals.nothing spectacular but
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